Mozilla Firefox Support Number

Mozilla Firefox Support Number

Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser which was devolved by Mozilla Foundation and it was available for Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS and Android, and many other operating systems. Firefox provides their services in approx 90 languages and it has many advanced features that help users in browsing the internet safely and securely such as private browsing.  Firefox for iOS was released in late 2015 and Firefox usage grew to the peak of 32% at the end of 2009 and in In June 2017, Firefox has between 5.65% and 14% of worldwide use as the desktop browser. The technology and features of Firefox are improving regularly but sometimes you can face an issue while using the Firefox web browser. If you face any type of issue, then don’t worry immediately dial our Mozilla Firefox support number to get help from our well trained and qualified technicians.

Features of Mozilla Firefox support number

  • Firefox provides an environment for the web developers in which they can use built-in-tools such as the error console or the DOM inspector
  • Tabbed browsing, spell checking and live bookmarking
  • In Firefox you can add them according to your choice
  • Download manager, private browsing and location-aware browsing based on the Google service
  • Firefox addon website gives a user the ability to add other applications such as screenshots apps and many other useful apps
  • If a word is badly into the textbox firefox can use the spell checking
  • In Firefox, you can customize a theme as per your choice

It also implements standard proposals created by the WHATWG and such as client-side storage. These Firefox standards are included through Gecko layout engine and Javascript engine. Firefox has passed the Acid2 standards compliance test since the version 3.0 and Mozilla describe they are not intended to pass Acid3 test. A firefox also implements Google protocol for safe browsing that protects users from phishing and malware.


Firefox allows for a sandbox security model to manage the privileges according to the javascript code but that feature has deprecated. Based on the same origin policy it limits scripts from accessing data from other websites. For the authentication purposes, it provides support for smart cards to web applications. It uses SSL/TLS to protect communications with the web servers using strong cryptography. The freely available HTTPS everywhere add-on enforces HTTPS and now it supports HTTP/2.

Services provided by our MozilFirefoxfox support:

  • Help users in resolving Installation and updating issues
  • Provide support for resolving a firefox crash related issue
  • Help users in resolving browser compatibility issue
  • Resolve download and installation related issue
  • Provides support if you are unable to access bookmarked websites
  • Our technicians help users if they are unable to manage add-ons and settings
  • Help to uninstall the Mozilla Firefox
  • Provides support for resolving server not found error

Common Mozilla Firefox issue that you can face while using

  • Mozilla Firefox installation, uninstallation and re-installation error
  • Unable to update Mozilla Firefox to the latest version
  • Not able to play movies in Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Firefox script errors
  • Firefox security issues and SSL encryption error in Firefox
  • Firefox conflicts with installed antivirus
  • Adobe Flash plug-in not working in Firefox
  • Mozilla Firefox account setting configuration and Mozilla Firefox time-related errors on a particular website
  • Secure connection failed error
  • Bookmarks and history setting error
  • Firefox runs slow and JavaScript errors in Mozilla Firefox
  • Search hijacking and Mozilla Firefox crashes
  • When resetting Mozilla Firefox
  • When Firefox not responding
  • Mozilla Firefox data recovery
  • Why Firefox not working with Windows 10

Why dial our Mozilla Firefox support number

If you encounter any type of Firefox related issue and don’t know how to resolve or you are searching help, then in this situation you can contact our Mozilla Firefox customer support through our Mozilla Firefox support number +1-844-313-5022. Our well trained and certified firefox support team is 24*7 available for your help, so you can call any time to get a best possible solution to your problem every problem.

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